Asian Paradise – Singapore, Malaysia & Langkawi

On Sept 30th, 2007, was my second trip to abroad and it was to Singapore. I was the only person from my team who had to visit and of course I was pretty much excited about it. I reached on 1st of October and checked in the Park Royal Hotel which was in Little India. The name Little India has come so because you will find a lot of Tamil immigrants in and around this area. There is this local market where you get anything and everything from India and of course from Singapore also. You also have a local market for all the tech savvy people out there. There are many temples also in Little India. Back of my hotel was this huge mall called Mustafa running 2 floors in the basement and 3 above the ground and it does gives service round the clock. Imagine a mall which is open for all the 24hrs…hmm and I made sure I did shopping at all the above mentioned places. The climate of Singapore is very humid as it is basically an island and is surrounded by Sea and at which point of the day it rains you never know about it. Little India is famous for offering south Indian delicacies and Dosa, topping the list. I used to have my entire course of meals in Komala Vilas (shortly called as Komala’s which was just next to my hotel) for the fact that I am not a try out person at least in cuisines. Believe it or not, they literally serve around 23 different varieties of Dosa’s and that to at very reasonable rates. Everyone should try it.
The first weekend, we (me and my friend) visited the most known island of Singapore called The Sentosa Island. It is a huge island and you will never be able to cover it in one full day. The most exciting ride on the island is the Luge ride. It is basically a go karting stuff but the sloppy lanes makes it even more adventurous. The fun part was, as soon as I started the ride, it started pouring and by the end I was fully drenched. I and my friend roamed a lot all over the island and the last part of the day was like a dessert after the meal. It was this Musical Fountain show of the island called as the Songs of the Sea. It was breath taking to see the combination of Laser show, fireworks and the musical fountain on the beach. The backdrop was the sunset and there is this huge 1000seater open auditorium facing the waters…absolutely beautiful.

The second weekend I was off to Malaysia (my third country to visit) along with my friend. After an honest effort for getting the visa with the tickets and all, I was very excited to start the journey to Malaysia through Bus. The duration from Singapore to Malaysia via road is 5hrs and thanks to such silk smooth roads. We were there by 1pm and had our lunch in a Tamil restaurant. To tell you something, Tamil is one of the official language of Singapore and you will find a lot of people from their community in both Singapore and Malaysia. Then we moved on to see the PETRONAS, commonly known as the Twin Towers of Malaysia. It was magnificent to see the two towers standing like pillars right above your head, as soon as you look up from the exit of the subway. And to see these structures in the night from the KL Tower is still more breath taking as every bit is lighted up and it looks like a huge twin candles in the dark. After that we went to the Kuala Lumpur station which is one of the old monuments. The architecture of most of the buildings and government offices here is influenced by the Islamic architecture and they all are so beautiful. We then went to my friend, Uma’s place and it was such pleasure to catch up with your close ones abroad. I introduced my friend to her and her family. We all spoke till quite late, around 2.30am in the night and then sleep conquered us.

The next day morning we were all set to leave to the Batu caves which is basically a set of limestone caves and the highlight of the place is the Golden Statue of lord Kartikeya carved in Thai gold. It is a 140feet long statue…standing so graceful. We climbed around 272 steps to reach the cave. It took us some time in the caves to come out as it was raining. After Batu Caves, it was time to see some more architectural marvels around Cyberjaya and Putrajaya (the IT Hub of KL). It was so neat and clean everywhere and to our delight there were so many bridges each one of them different from the other. By the time we finished everything it was late evening and we had to leave back to Singapore also. We left my friends place after having our dinner as our bus was at 11pm. We reached Singapore early in the morning. Few words to ponder from Singapore/Malaysia are

– Selamat Hari Raya AidulFitri meaning Id Mubarak

– Puduraya meaning the Malaysian Bus station

– Cyberjaya was as good as the IT hub of KL

– Petronas Twin Towers is also called Suria KLCC.

I was there that week and flew back to Bangalore on the following weekend.

My special mention goes to Uma and her family for taking such good care of me and my friend in Malaysia – thanks so much guys and last but not the least, thanks to Karthik Iyer for exploring the places along with me.

I made a one week personal trip to Singapore and Malaysia again in August, 2008 with mom and couple of my friends and their moms. It was me, mom, Vishwa and his mom, Sapna and her mom and we met Uma and Vijay Krishna in Singapore. Wow…it was like an ISE batch reunion abroad 🙂 . I visited Langkawi this time which I had not seen in my earlier visit. Langkawi is one of the 104 islands in the Andaman Sea and there is this place called Pregnant Lady Island which is a large fresh water lake (the header image). If you look at the hills that forms the backdrop of the lake, from an angle it looks like as if a woman is lying on her back and the belly bulging out like that of a pregnant woman. We all wore our life jackets and plunged into the water and believe it the water was so sweet. Langkawi is a duty free island and since I was with mom, my shopping was double this time. During this visit, we made sure of making use of 24hrs service in the Mustafa and all of us were literally seen buying some stuffs at 2am in the night. What a night out experience in shopping!!! We tried playing more and more games and watching those 3d-4d shows in Sentosa Island…was absolute fun. All in all was a crackle of time spent with friends and family.



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