Eindhoven, Netherlands – my first with mom :)

This was one of my wish list things getting strike out and never thought it will happen so soon. I was taking my mom along with me to Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Though the duration of the trip was less but the excitement level for both me and mom was beyond measure. We left on the 26th of Jan, 2008 and took almost 15-16hrs to reach Eindhoven. There was a transit flight from Paris to Amsterdam and from Amsterdam to Eindhoven was through a cab.

The first thing we noticed about the place was that, everything was so picture perfect. It was like what we read in novels and see in movies. Every frame was so beautiful.

The place was like we were in love with it at first sight itself. You have woods, forests, cottages, basically no words to explain it. We checked in Vander walk Hotel and relaxed for the day. Mom was just so happy to see this and to see her like this, I was so happy 🙂 .

When I used to be in office, mom would go for long walks and enjoy wandering around on her own as people are very friendly over there. She used to explain me about the houses she saw with interiors while walking on her evening walks and talking to people in the Hotel.

On a Friday, I left office a bit early to explore the place with mom. Actually Eindhoven is considered a village but have to tell that it is far more sophisticated than any metropolitan city in India. Shops over there closes by 5pm itself and you do not find people anywhere out until and unless there is some carnival going around. Since winter was on, all the trees had shed its leaves but still this had its own beauty. People are humble there and come with tremendous civic sense and follow traffic rules very religiously. We went to Centrum (nearest shopping complex) and got luckier to see a bit of carnival as it was supposed to start the next day but still some people were roaming around in their carnival attire then itself.

After finishing the shopping stuff, we were about to meet one of my friend there and go to his place for dinner. We reached the Eindhoven bus station 5mins late and there my friend was already waiting for us. We took some photos and headed to his apartment. In his apartment, mom cooked some beans curry with rice and some tomato mix with chapatti’s (Baked puff layers with butter smeared on it). We had a well spent evening as we were joined in with few more friends. Finally it was time to leave as the clock was ticking 10.30pm already and mom n me had the next day plan to visit Paris only for a day. We finished our packing by 12 in the night and slept as we had to get up early since our cab was at 6am.

In the wee hours of the morning I just got up and peeped out from the balcony only to see one of the miracles of nature, a snowfall. It was snowing, wow. I had this cherished desire as a kid (guess everyone has it). We both were super happy. By the time we went down and checked out the hotel, the snowfall was reduced a bit but was still happening. It was our first experience.

We left at 6am and by the time we reached Paris it was 1pm via Amsterdam. The Ibis Hotel was in the airport terminal itself but because of the misguiding from a lady at the information center we almost wasted 1.5hrs in the airport itself. By then it made us realize one thing for sure that we had an idea how big was the Charles de Gaulle airport.

We made it to the hotel room and had something to eat and then we just left to see the world famous Eiffel tower. We had to change in a couple of trains to finally reach the tower arena. We headed towards the road from the subway and could just see the tip of the tower. We walked on lanes and it was as though the tower was playing hide and seek with us. We finally crossed the road and walked few steps and what a breath taking view it was – we were actually in front of the Eiffel Tower. It is so huge man and I wonder how it comes in any frame when people capture it.

The tower has 4 lifts going up from each of its four legs and believe me no one can make this at all from its first glance. There are 3 floors and the lift stops over at all of them and each lift has the capacity of taking 60 people at a time. Just imagine how strong this whole structure of iron is…hmm!!! We were there on the tower for almost 2hrs. It was damn cold out there with too much of wind. Did witness the sunset from top and the view from there was just unmatchable with anything in fact. You have another option of climbing the tower through steps also but only till the second floor. Third level and above is closed to the public. Just in front of the Tower you have the cruise ride which takes you around the Diamond city of Paris in one hour. We left Paris and headed towards Bangalore the next day only to come back again n again (as I visited Paris again with mom, mentioned in my next diary).

Special thanks to Karthik Iyer for inviting us for a fabulous dinner at his apartment.


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