The Land of Alps – Switzerland

The most fantasized country for me as a kid was Switzerland, I mean all thanks to Yash Chopra for that. The ideal time to visit this country is in the summers as you can see the green mowed grasslands with houses around in front of beautiful lakes. The waterfall here is a common scene as every now and then you witness one from the mountains around (there is this story also that how Switzerland is blessed with so much of water). The summer season are the shortest here and ranges from 1-2 months being Jun-July. Then you have snowfall before and after these months and you just see a layer of white blanket everywhere and probably you would not be able to enjoy the beauty of the place as compared with summers then. We checked in the Ramada hotel in Engelberg and stayed almost 4 days in Swiss visiting Zurich, Luzern, Interlaken and Geneva. We did also visit the famous church and the tram station showcased in DDLJ.

The most exciting part was our visit to Mt. Jungrau (4158m) and Mt. Titlis (3238m) because of the fact that you are on top of Europe. To hear it in movies, documentaries and reading about them in books is fine but actually witnessing the Swiss Alps is beyond explanation. You have these cable cars and trains which make you reach the top. Icing on the cake would be having a snowfall at that particular time and we did experience it. Wow!!! We were left there for around 2-3hrs on our own. We had an option of playing in the snow for as long as we wanted, or make snowmen (which we did it very professionally ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), or tour around the Ice Palace or sit and just relax yourself with some Movenpick Ice creams (did all of them). You also get this Irish coffee with rum base and is highly recommended. We also visited the Trummelbach falls, the Lion Monument and the oldest wooden bridge out there.

You can see lot of cows around the meadows grazing down and all these cows are with the bells which reminds you of the famous bell (not to mention here again and you know what I mean ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). The roads here are so neat and clean as they are literally washed with water by men employed in vehicles mounted with circular brushes. We were amazed to see this as they did this whole process in front of us.

The beauty of the place is covered more in captures than in words. Enjoy them!!!

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