The Land of Swarovski’s – Austria

The next country in the list was Austria. Oh yeah…on the way we did visit to Liechtenstein, the smallest country in Europe. We went to the immigration office there to actually get the stamping on our passports.

europa 778

We saw the King’s Castle on a hill top, took some pictures and then proceeded further to Austria to visit the crystal-themed museum, Swarovski Kristallwelten. It is native for the world famous Swarovski Crystal range, jewelry, perfumes and chandeliers.

The Swarovski factory is located just opposite the theme park. The theme park has a huge centerpiece depicting a face where the water comes out of the mouth and there are crystals fitted in the eyes which keeps changing its color (shown in the header image). This is a pretty familiar location as it is evident in many Bollywood songs. The entry to the museum is from one side of the face and the exit at the other side. At the first glance you might not even think that there would be some entrance around for sure.

We headed inside just to be in the middle of ocean of crystals. You turn to any side and you get to see these beautiful crystals in a pendant, or a ring or a watch, or a crystal studded Taj Mahal or even a curtain for that matter. There were these designer outfits also which had embroidery with these crystals along. Everything was so glittering and classy. You are at the Swarovski and you don’t get to shop anything…Nah. So I bought myself a pair of earrings and tell you guys it was worth the money that I paid.

The next day we headed to Innsbruck, and on arrival we had an orientation tour which covered the visit to The Golden Roof. The Golden Roof is the symbol of the city and is located at the Old Town Section of Innsbruck. During the whole course of orientation it was drizzling and somehow the whole feeling was very enjoyable.


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