The land of Museums, Perfumes and Fashionista’s – Paris, France

The last country in our list was France. This was my second visit to Paris and we were intended here to stay for the next 2 days. The first day comprised of our visit to the Fragonard Perfume Factory. Fragonardo are famous in producing the French perfumes using their traditional methods. A visit to their factory and discovering their traditional techniques was a pleasure. You visit Paris and don’t buy a French perfume and that to after visiting Fragonard…not possible. I picked up a set of small perfumes for myself. Then we headed towards the world famous Eiffel Tower.

Since me and my mom had already visited this place earlier we decided not to go up on the tower but instead sit in the garden area in front of it. After some quality time spent there we went to the cruise ride which just starts at the foot of the Tower and cruises you round the prestigious monuments of Paris in the Seine River. My special mention goes to the stunning romantic bridges of Paris which you get to see on the cruise ride. The Eiffel Tower gets illuminated with yellow lights in the evening every day and at some point after 8 it has a combination of Blue lights twinkling here and there in between the yellow ones. Oh…it is just so splendid!!! We captured some pics of this beautiful image and headed back towards our hotel.
The next day was our visit to the Disneyland in Paris. I always had a guilt that I couldn’t go into any of the rides in my previous visit to the Disneyland in Tokyo and yeah here was my chance to fulfill it. My mom’s visit to this place was her first time so she was full excited. The weather was so good that day and we entered the Disneyland.


We had to walk a few meters inside to the main area as it is so huge. We did a couple of rides in and around but the most memorable one was the roller coaster ride. If I am correct we went around 2-3 times in the same ride again and again. Oh…we had helluva of time and never realized that how soon the time passed. We left the place by 6 and headed back and tell you something, the view of Paris at night shouldn’t be missed at any cost. That day after having dinner at our Hotel, we left to see the Cabaret show.

Paris is pretty famous for having a couple of them like Lido, Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse and many others. We intended to visit the Lido (a cabaret and burlesque show) which is located at the heart of the city. After the clock ticked with the show timings, we were escorted inside till our table by one of the officials there and to our delight our table was right in the front. We were very excited to view something of this kind and a Cabaret show was the first time for me and mom. We had seen pole dance types earlier in the Netherlands but not a cabaret show on this scale. Once all the seats were full the show started and we were served with some Champagne and snacks to go along with it. The show comprised of some exotic performances in dance and singing and it was beautiful to watch. The highlight in that day’s show was that, it included a 10min dance performance choreographed by our very own Farah Khan and we did get to see a tinge of Indian dance moves there. Lido has a special place in the history of nightclubs and floorshows and we did enjoyed our every bit of presence there. The show got over by 2.30am and we headed back to our hotel. The next morning we checked out the hotel as our tour was coming to an end but last and not the least was our way back to London thru the Euro Tunnel. The Euro Tunnel operates between Britain and France and does include the vehicle shuttle services. I was thinking that how could a bus go inside a train (how big could a bogie be) and the train in turn getting into the tunnel under the Sea…wow amazing. Once our bus entered the bogie we got to see how big it was as each of them had the capacity of parking three huge Volvo type buses. We got out of the buses and walked through a couple of bogies to get a feel that we were actually inside the Sea.

At the start of the journey we did see the land outside but once the train gets into the tunnel, we just see the walls of the tunnel and have to assume that we are inside the Sea 🙂 . My European encounter ended with this awesome experience.

My special thanks goes to Vishwa and Sapna for making the entire trip in the Europe even more memorable and exciting. I always look forward for tours with you guys. Cheers to our group and touch wood.

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