Windows – a view to a different world that could be good, bad or ugly. For me it gives a meaning of different perception of any particular thing. Looking through a window is just another angle to it. I personally have a lot of images of windows out of which I have just sorted a few of them here.

The featured image is one of the windows from Amer Fort near Jaipur. And my mom is glad to wave at me down. Well I do have a similar one having me peeping out of it too 😉 .


The next in my list is of a famous Palace from Rajasthan, the Hawa Mahal. It is constructed from red and pink sandstone and is home for 953 small windows.


The next one is again from one of the palaces in Rajasthan. It’s a view of a balcony from another window.


And here are few more windows with some carvings.

The next one in my list is from the defensive wall around the hill forts. Now forts have these walls with small openings through which they get signs of danger. They were constructed for monitoring purposes and to protect the city or a town.



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