Life has it’s own pace which is no where in our hands to manage…..when you actually want it to go fast it is really really slow, like when nothing much is happening or something is not working out or you don’t have to deal with those sour experiences which keeps coming and then it teaches you lessons of Life……and when you want it to slow down so that you can enjoy every moment of it a bit more, it’s just on the run and you just don’t realize how the days are passing by.

The last 6 months were on the fly….enjoyed every moment of it, met so many new people, kind of relaxed, feeling of contentment, learned so many new things….all in all a very happy feeling.

Hoping the whole of this year continues to be like the same way or may be even better too 😉 .

Today is marked as International Yoga Day, my brother’s bday (wished him exactly at 12 and he was like…you are up so late on a weekday 😀 ) and the longest day in the year. Hahaha….all in a single day.

let me know your thoughts...

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