NNTO – Untold Facts

I would like to take some privilege here to introduce to bunch of funny people…whom I meet most of the days in the week. Calling them as my colleagues would be like an understatement. I have hardly known these guys for say 8-9 months but trust me you can just never get enough of them…any day, anytime.

To start with would be SNEHA. She is a prankster…IMG-20180701-WA0031mother of all in executing those pranks. You can never know what exactly is going to come out of her, when and how. I still remember when we got introduced to each other on our weekly official calls, we used to finish our work as soon as possible and then chat during the remaining time of the call…lol…and it went like this for almost 2 months before we met each other. She has been always there with us when she is needed despite all the odds in her list. She knows how to manage everyone without her presence being a mandate and does it with absolute ease. I mean one or the other from the group would be always talking to her in the entire day. And I call her my soul sister 😊.


Then comes SUBHIKSH. He is Jack of all trades, powerhouse of expressions, a great dancer, narrator and is famous for his intense dislike for egg plants aka Brinjals aka the king of vegetableIMG-20180814-WA0027. He had a record of not eating one for almost 20 years which unfortunately broke very recently. It just happened unknowingly. AWW!!! (imagine Akshaya with Subhiksh’s expression). I felt so bad for a reason that I was working from home that day and didn’t get to see the expression on his face…rofl 😀 . Well on a serious note, if I would have been there at that time, I would have tried my best to scream so loud that he would have just paused for a moment not knowing what was happening and he would have still held his record of not eating the brinjals. I understand your feelings Subhiksh and totally stand by you. We call him Subba Rao and the one who makes everyone laugh and giggle.


Next comes AKSHAYA. She adopted me for her valid reasons and became my mother. DSC_0507The most silent one in the group but knows to put her point at the right time, whether its Dumb Charades or be it any other random conversation. She is totally a peace lover…not that we all are not but she represents it from her tone and color too 😊. And that’s why she is the voice of our company too. She is my mother and I totally adore her.


If AKSHAYA is there…how can anyone forget about the little brother. As the name says it all he is the little brother of peace. DSC_0481They both share their last name, cubicle and come from the same native. This guy is one of his kind. Mythological stories or daily soap, he knows it all. He keeps track of all the gossips and happenings of the small screen and especially of his favorite ones (now I don’t want to mention who she is). He gets all his innovative ideas from one place which again I don’t want to reveal it over here but seriously I started believing the saying “Great minds at work” 😛 . He is a wannabe singer and we all call him CHIKU.


Next in my list is ABHINAV. The official creative head of the group. IMG-20180701-WA0032He chooses to be silent most of the times, but his actions speak louder than everything else. Super talented, a guitarist and a singer. A true modest and humble one in the group and it doesn’t take him too hard to stand out in the crowd. And the proof would be when my mom saw a picture of our group, he was the first whom she noticed and asked abt. See there he is the famous one 🙂 .



Then comes AKHILESH. When we address him, we IMG-20180814-WA0005suffix his name with “Ji” out of respect as he has earned it for himself. He follows the written works of Tulsi Das and Kabir Das (reknowned folks of Hindi Literature) to the extent that he keeps giving us doses of it now and then. Someone who follows these definitely has to be disciplined himself. A very simple and true person at heart. And we all call him Bhaiyaji or Panditji 😊 .



Next in the list is RAHUL. A big shot who is working in a software firm just to earn his pocket money…wow. He loves having all kind of apps in his mobile and DSC_0521the best part is they keep offering him cashback’s and discounts also…Great!!! For the fact, he often sleeps during movies (never expected at least in a Tom Cruise’s movie dude) in theaters and snores also…lol. But you see after all sleeping is a natural process especially after lunch. We all call him Shukla ji.


Well, last but not the least is BALA. What do I tell about him. The youngest of the lot, tall and handsome boy next door kind of a personality. IMG-20180827-WA0007There are lot of girls around who are really concerned about him you see. He gets into his nerdy look at times where he wants to show off his different frames of his eye wear, right Balaaa? Gets totally annoyed when someone speaks in other languages that he can’t understand and when someone asks him to share his Cadbury’s Silk (He and his love for Silk…hmm). Very keen in learning Hindi in recent times 😛 . Must tell you that he has great sense of selecting gifts. The most noticeable quality about him is his helping nature. Before anyone can expect, he is ready with a hand to help them without a second thought in mind and this is something that takes him far above everyone. And he is the perfect one for long drives…trust me. I can totally vouch on it. Everyone calls him a good boy which he undoubtedly is and I call him Balaaa.


Wanted to just dedicate this post to my crazy bunch of friends. Thanks for being what you guys are.



  1. Really it’s a nice post . The word used for each one is perfect. It’s very hard to write a post for each and every one. This post confirms that long time is not require to know someone or his character . “Bas Parkhi nazar honi chahiye”. Sorry Bala for Hindi sentence . Sneha bind the team remotely and you bind closely. You are cool, clam and Clubby. You are wanderlust.
    Thanks for kind and nice word for each one .

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  2. Why is that thing there?? I mean that thing (or vegetable!! that you prefer to call it). It’s so yucky that it should be banned from earth. Let it grow in mars or so.
    Anyways!! all you readers might have read about the author by now in her very own words but I would like to share our journey so far together.

    Well!! we’ve known each other from our prior organization, got acquainted and all but the real fun began when we started working together. The first time when we heard that she had a blog, we were like “what!!, you have a BLOG???”, and the very next thing she told us was that she loves travelling which was OK until I got to know the places she had been. She is a constant reminder that “U just have one life, better start packing and experience”.

    There are only 2 instances when all of us are silent around her. Firstly, are her narratives of her experience around the world and secondly when we are all out for lunch and it’s like a bunch of kids in a play school running here and there, that is when Ditaa (oh!! that’s her nickname) looks at us intently and says those golden words “Guys!! be serious. Decide a place first. OK”.

    She is Laser focused at her work. I on the other hand get distracted and stop by her for a chit-chat quite often and that’s when a realization dawns on me that I may not be doing enough and without uttering anything I return to my desk. Basically she motivates. So, one of mine and Bala’s bucket list is to visit Ditaa’s home because for us it’s a museum with antique collection.

    Last but not the least I would like to mention about her mom whom we all happened to meet at our Abhinav’s wedding. She is such a joyful personality to be around with. I don’t know which generation belongs to as she has a more modern outlook than any one of us. 🙂

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  3. Thank you so much Magale (;P) As I read the blog, I can actually visualize you sitting in front me and saying all this stuff about our group (typical filmy stuff 😀 :-D).
    PS: My husband strongly disagrees about the “Peace lover” part.

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  4. I am privileged to be a part of such an amazing blog. Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂

    मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब-ए-मंज़िल मगर
    लोग साथ आते गये और कारवां बनता गया
    – मजरूह सुलतानपुरी

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