Jigsaw Puzzle

I have always loved playing indoor games and one of them would be a jigsaw puzzle. My mother used to give me these puzzles to solve, in order to develop patience in me from the time i was a kid. And some how i love these puzzles that keep you hooked and addicted for some time till it gets over. The above image is the latest in my list. It’s a 1000 pieces puzzle and took me around 4 days to complete it.

My friend had got this puzzle few years back but then i had never got a chance to open and solve it before few days. He had given me this puzzle in a cover as it was easier for him to get it in his luggage rather than in a box. And because of that, unfortunately one of it’s piece had gone missing. And which is very evident in the picture.

And finally…so beautiful !!!


let me know your thoughts...

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