Random Thoughts

Its been a while that i have posted something on what I feel and just felt like doing it !!! I guess while cleaning my room I caught hold of my old Blue Diary that is full of my favorite lines and proverbs that I have been collecting and penning down in it. And this post is definitely a side effect of the same. But still from past few days there is a feeling of contentment. Its been around a month that I have come back from a wonderful vacation, one of the most adventurous one and memories of which I will cherish in a longer time. I am really not sure why all of sudden but there is happiness all around. I don’t have grudges on anyone anymore, as in few from my past and few from my present. Life has taught me so many things as they say that the best lessons you get it are from the toughest days that you would have gone through. And I am what I am only because of all these experiences of good, bad and ugly. Looks like everyone comes into your life for a reason and also for a season…lol. Jokes apart !!!. I feel like pieces of puzzle have started falling into it’s right places and soon you can see a jig saw puzzle coming up 🙂 . There is always a bright light shining towards the end of the tunnel and that gives you hope, hope for moving forward, hope for the best still to come in your life, hope of bright sunshine and happiness that can shed away clouds of grief. My featured image exactly reflects my thoughts and it was such a coincidence that this had blossomed in my garden at the right time. The rains have stopped and it’s time to welcome the winters but my heart always goes for those tiny drops that makes me happy each and every time it showers and touches you.

Wow, I don’t believe that I can write so much apart from my travel stuff and hope that no one calls me a lecturer 😉 .

A small curve on your face can make life more comfortable in every way so always keep smiling… 🙂 .


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