This is my first post in 2020 and I never thought it would be something like this. I wanted to write from quite sometime but the alarming and disturbing state around, about the current situation that the entire world is facing was not allowing me to. Somehow, I was not able to start it off.

Yeah, the corona virus Pandemic. The worst ever situation that I guess probably anyone would have seen in their lifetime across the globe. I mean there have been World war’s, terrorism, there have been fight over SARS and H1N1 on medical terms to just name a few but this sort of fight against a novel corona virus that is highly contagious and leads to death if proper medication/precautionary measures are not taken care off…is all together at another level. I stay in India and currently there is a 21 day Nationwide lock down going on till 14th of April and I am sure this is going to get extended for couple of more weeks because the situation demands it. Yes, Social distancing is one of the most powerful solutions to it. And this is for your own and your family’s well being and in turn the Nation’s well being. We need to accept the ongoing situation to be more responsive and step ahead in the right direction. We distance our self’s with everyone around, we maintain our personal hygiene at home and remain positive. And what else can we do…

To start with, HOPE. We hope that this too shall pass. We hope that amidst everything the world is going to bounce back and it would be in a more healthier and wealthier way. Healthier because we all fight against this virus by following our bit and responsibility everyday and wealthier because the economy will definitely recover and when it will it will with a bang. That’s all we can hope for.

Then, there is HELP. Most of us are privileged enough to sit at home, get groceries, watch news channels to get the latest updates, work from home and many more. What we are able to do in self isolation is possible only because of many many people who are doing their bit of job behind the scenes. Whether he is a Pharmacy guy, grocery shop owner, milk vendor, Banks, Internet Service providers, Police department and most importantly the Health workers who are day in and night serving the infected and needy one’s and making sure they are getting treated. I salute all these people. But there are hundred’s and thousands of people around the world who are not so fortunate enough. There are daily wage workers who cannot do anything in this kind of a situation which is very unfortunate. Donate your bit to the relief funds who take care of food for such people, donate to relief funds who would use the money in developing more and more medical equipment’s and wherever you feel would help others.

And finally, there is EMOTIONAL CONNECT. We are just told to be isolated physically but not emotionally. Emotional quotient is something to do with mental well being too and this is very important to be healthy. Talk to people on Phone, mobiles, do a video conferencing, see people’s faces and have a conversation, have a laugh. Couple of days back, we had a national holiday in India and my friends who work together decided to connect with each other on a virtual game. Yeah, we did play a virtual Housie (also, called as Tambola). Trust me guys it was a well spent hour with each other. When we are in office, all of us would be so busy in fulfilling our professional commitments that we hardly find time for these things. I also had a video chat with my friends yesterday who got connected from two countries and it was good to see and talk to them after such a long time. We never had time to chat with each other on even WhatsApp few months back but as they say man never stops learning, we need to take in some positive lesson’s from situations like these. It’s very important to keep yourself positive during these hard times. Utilize the varied ways of technology, think of a hobby which you had not been able to give time to in the recent times, try to be creative, listen to music as it keeps you refreshed, read books and last but not the least, spend time with your family more than anything.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Positive…Good times will be ahead !!!


  1. Correct.Really it’s very hard time for everyone. We need to be strong to face this situation. Main medicine is social distancing so pls maintain social distance.
    Thank you for organizing Tambola , I am happy that I also played with you all and came out from some depression and had some good time.

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