Food for Thought

Life has its own ups and downs, you are at highs, you are at lows and many a times you need to be a fighter to be just happy. You just need to hold on tight and keep swinging 🙂 .

You are in the womb for 9 long months fighting to get out and when you actually do, you make everyone else around happy. As an infant you fight with those tiny little odds to smile, laugh, talk, crawl and walk. Then you get education fighting with all your competitors just to excel in life. You then start a job to fight away the responsibilities on your shoulder and earn respect in the society. You fight with your expectations at times to choose the right one for yourself and get settled. You fight with your sleep every morning just to wake up to achieve your dreams and desires. You fight everyday with the clouds of confusions and uncertainty in something or the other. You fight with your fears at each point in time and come out as a winner or learn a lesson for lifetime.

But then after all these, the feeling of contentment before you go to sleep after a long tiring day that gives you the energy to face yet another day is something that cannot be explained. Only the lessons of those struggle and fights teaches you to recognize the true flavor of success, satisfaction and happiness. Everything is an integral part of your life without which you might not have ended up in the person that you are. We just need to accept the fact that whatever happens in Life has a reason to it and not think too much about what is in store for us. Hold the harness tight, enjoy the present momentum and look forward for the future. After all, Life continues to move on…

let me know your thoughts...

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