There are few things that gets a smile on your face no matter in what mood you are in. I have grown with these in my house over the years and when ever they make their presence in my balcony or just changes the whole ambiance. I cannot stop moving my curtains and staring... Continue Reading →

The land of picturesque Landscapes – New Zealand

New Zealand entered in my bucket list when my friend Aginesh, had visited it, many years back. After seeing his pictures I was totally blown away by the sheer beauty of this country. That's when I decided to visit this place and not to forget my passion for jumps, the Bungee which was originated in... Continue Reading →

Life seems better when Friends are around !!!

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it ~William Arthur Ward My mom being my first best friend and then taking forward the legacy are the rest of some wonderful and craziest people around me. Good friends are like melons, to find one good one you need a... Continue Reading →

Land of Diversity – India

India, my country, the land comprising of such rich culture, diverse people from various religions and the multi cuisine which it has to offer is something which is out of the world. I have traveled a bit in and around in the national circuit earlier to North east and Ladakh (which already have their entries... Continue Reading →

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