The land of picturesque Landscapes – New Zealand

New Zealand entered in my bucket list when my friend Aginesh, had visited it, many years back. After seeing his pictures I was totally blown away by the sheer beauty of this country. That's when I decided to visit this place and not to forget my passion for jumps, the Bungee which was originated in... Continue Reading →

The land of Kangaroos and Koalas – Australia

This country was in my list, the moment I had fascinations to see Kangaroos in its native land. And it would not be wrong if i had to say that my to do list also had Sky diving which I had decided that I would do it here. My bucket list had Australia from quite... Continue Reading →

Land of Diversity – India

India, my country, the land comprising of such rich culture, diverse people from various religions and the multi cuisine which it has to offer is something which is out of the world. I have traveled a bit in and around in the national circuit earlier to North east and Ladakh (which already have their entries... Continue Reading →

Flavor of North East – Shillong, Darjeeling, Guwahati

I was so much in starve for a travel vacation as the time since my last one was almost 2.5 years back. And something to do during the start of the year, could have not thought something better than this. I should solely thank my friend Sushie for her wedding invite which in turn triggered... Continue Reading →

Leh – Ladakh – The Himalayan Fantasy

This happened in May 2014 for which I had planned around 3 months back with respect to booking and all those stuffs. I always wanted to visit Ladakh for its plain, dry and terrain beauty and added to it was the Himalayan fantasy. You get to glance the Himalayan miracle all around. And never thought... Continue Reading →

The land of Museums, Perfumes and Fashionista’s – Paris, France

The last country in our list was France. This was my second visit to Paris and we were intended here to stay for the next 2 days. The first day comprised of our visit to the Fragonard Perfume Factory. Fragonardo are famous in producing the French perfumes using their traditional methods. A visit to their... Continue Reading →

The land of Architectural Marvels – Italy

Our next destination was Italy. Italy is more of architectural beauty when compared to any other European countries and we had 4 days with us to explore this country. Italy is also considered as the home for many wonders of the world. We were all very excited for our next visit to Venice – the... Continue Reading →

The Land of Swarovski’s – Austria

The next country in the list was Austria. Oh yeah…on the way we did visit to Liechtenstein, the smallest country in Europe. We went to the immigration office there to actually get the stamping on our passports. We saw the King's Castle on a hill top, took some pictures and then proceeded further to Austria... Continue Reading →

The European Encounter – Starts with Germany

My European Encounter comprises of my visit to 5 European Countries - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and France and these are a part of separate blog entries here. After getting a glimpse of European countries on my last travel to Eindhoven, I had in mind that I had to do this Euro tour with mom.... Continue Reading →

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