Size does matter

The featured image is taken from top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was a winter sunset and the … More


Windows – a view to a different world that could be good, bad or ugly. For me it gives a … More


For me as a kid, I had always dreamt of visiting Switzerland at some point in my life and trust … More


These Lily’s are just waiting to bloom all over. From the tiny buds to blooming one after the other, I … More

Onion Flower

The image here depicts a not yet bloomed Onion flower. The Structure seems like cluster of pearls stuck to tiny stems.

Ring in a Ring

Karnataka is a Indian state towards South which is home for a lot of historical monuments, temples, ruins etc. One … More


The most guaranteed thing that could distract me¬†has to be Diamonds and crystals. And yeah to feast my eyes, the … More


The above image is of Mt.Fuji, a sleeping volcano as of now and a volcano for me depicts fire whether … More

Mountain Landscapes

I love the appearance of various greens in the above landscape which I captured while traveling somewhere on the way … More

Nail Art

Apart from travelling and photography what satisfies me the most is to color my nails. From normal coloring to doing … More


I took the above picture when I visited to Rajasthan. Somewhere on the way this image made me stop and … More