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Hi everyone out there and welcome to Travel & Tale. Travelling and Photography are few of my passions which I follow pretty religiously, just for the fact that I make sure I travel to a national or an international destination in a year at least (I really try hard to make it possible and if not try to compensate for it the next year πŸ˜‰ ) and photography just goes hand in hand. Of course my partner in crime is my mother, one of the coolest on earth. Being a native of Bangalore, I have been bought up in cities like Mumbai and Indore spending almost 17 years in these parts of India. I have traveled little more than a bit under National circuit and that was before I started writing my blogs and for the rest, you have to read my Diaries πŸ™‚ .

I probably developed this passion once I started working (of course because you think you will have lots of money but then the bug of responsibility also bites you) and got a flavor of other countries on my official trips. Since then I have traveled around 17 countries till date. Then I gave a thought about why don’t I travel along with my mom as she’s also an ardent traveler. One more reason for me to travel with mom to different places is because as a kid I used to hear a lot of cribbing’s from my mom to dad about taking her on travel tours. But all in vain as my father had traveled all over India for several times during his study days and he was bored of it and was least interested. So each time mom used to ask him to take her to Delhi (as it was the national capital and he used to do frequent visits to that place) he used to open a map and show her, see this is Delhi πŸ˜‰ . So for mom it was as good as talking to a wall. Somewhere at that point I had it in my mind that I need to make mom travel to different places. Then things changed and became rough when I lost my father during my Engineering days. And after that it was never the same. But you need to move on no matter what comes on your way as this is what is called as Life.Β Still a long way to go!!!

I slowly started saving money to fulfill my travel escapades. Got an SLR as I love capturing pictures. Not that I take photos at a professional level by adding those watermarks and loading on to your personal sites (because I am a bit lazy in that), but I am satisfied enough in taking required shots during my tours. I have visited more than a dozen of countries along with my mom and I feel immensely happy about it and trust me blogs are the best way to cherish your fond memories.

I make sure I maintain my bucket list and when things get strikes out from my list….oh wow what a feeling it is, I am just on top of the world. As they say that you should find happiness in the minimal of things in what you do πŸ™‚ . It’s time now that I would leave you guys to read my blog. Hope you enjoy it !!!

Every journey tells a story…


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